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5 Things to consider before switching insurance in Auburn, WA

Switching your insurance policy can save you hundreds of dollars a year. But, make sure you consider these things before you make the switch. Tip #1: Compare Apples to Apples You’ve seen the commercials – “average savings of $500 a year for those who switched…” Absolutely you can save money. However, be sure that your […]

How to deal with a fallen tree in Auburn, WA

How To Deal With a Fallen Tree Neighbors are great! You can count on them to keep an eye on your place while you’re away, let out a furry friend or even borrow some last minute ingredients! Shoot, some of your neighbors are probably some of your closest friends. But having neighbors can sometimes cause […]

How to Keep a Home Inventory Checklist in Auburn, WA

Two Ways to Construct a List For most of us, we won’t have to experience a disastrous home loss such as a flood, fire, earthquake or other disaster. That doesn’t mean any of us should be less prepared for such an event should one occur. Preparing a home inventory can be a large task, but […]

How to Drive Safely in the Snow & Ice in Auburn, WA

Winter Weather Driving Tips It’s important for every driver to know how to drive in winter weather conditions. It can be challenging to drive in these conditions, but with the knowledge of the information below, you’ll know how to stay safe on the road. Be sure your car has plenty of antifreeze. You do not […]

It’s a brand new year at Head and Malesis Insurance and we are so excited to see how the year unfolds.  As a team, we have been talking about how we can be more in touch with our clients and also pass along important information and address insurance related topics that we are dealing with in our own lives.  […]