Ryan Malesis


Dad of two wild boys, outdoorsman, Seattle sports fan.

I joined the agency in 2009 as a third-generation agent. I’m truly grateful to my grandfather Lou Malesis who started the agency in 1967. I often wonder if grandpa had any idea the business would still be open 52 years later.  My Dad Steve Malesis have been with the agency for over 30 years. I’m lucky to have so much industry experience passed down to me. I look forward to the day I can pass the business and  down to my boys.

Speaking of my boys, Benny is a 6 years old who like playing basketball, and Camden is 2 years old and enjoys causing complete chaos around the house. Last but not lease is my wonderful wife Jenn, she’s the one that holds it all together. I like to spend my time off with my family somewhere up in the mountains, or exploring this beautiful state. As a lifelong Washington resident, I’m a Seahawks, Mariners, and Huskies fanatic!