Kelsie Stroud


Boy Mom (times 3!)…powered by A LOT of coffee.

I joined the agency in 2010, after working in banking for many years. I was born and raised in Gig Harbor and graduated the from the University of Washington with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology.  I had always wanted to be an elementary teacher, but things definitely took a turn and I ended up in insurance…which has been a great adventure. My stepdad, William Head, started William Head Insurance over 30 years ago and I am very lucky to have the opportunity to continue the business he worked so hard to build. He was able to retire in 2015 and has been enjoying his time off ever since.  He can usually be found playing with his grandkids and building Legos, which is very well deserved after his long and successful career in the agency.

My house is a circus most days, but quarantine has taken that up about 100 levels. My husband and I have three boys, Jordan, Bennett and Corbin.  Jordan is 11 and can burn through an entire chapter book in one day. Bennett is 6 and never stops moving and talking. He always has great ideas.   Corbin is 2 and couldn’t adore his big brothers more. Pretty sure he is part monkey, he can climb anything.

My favorite thing about being an insurance agent is getting to know our clients and making the insurance world easier to navigate. As a family owned and operated agency, I really like making the experience more personal between our agents and our clients.  Thank you for choosing our agency to help with your insurance needs. It truly means the world to us.