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Very personable customer service. The two agents I worked with were quick to get back to me, and made sure everything was to my benefit. I really couldn't be happier. They saved me a lot of money without me having to give up my preferred level of coverage. I highly recommend them.
Kelsie Gow
16:42 23 Mar 18
Very happy with Head and Malesis! Colby is great to work with and always responds so quickly to questions I have. I highly recommend Colby Robinson and Head and Malesis!
Amina Crane
03:53 01 Aug 18
Colby is my favorite agent in the group. He is friendly, accurate and always goes the extra mile. If you call in - ask for him! He is guaranteed to give you a great experience with the office
Tyler Knapp
00:48 15 May 18
I have been with Pemco for over 30 years. We have never been disappointed at the quick response and great customer service whether it was one of teens in a car accident or flooding in our house. They have been more than fair, prompt and friendly. They are very personal too. I feel like I am known to whomever answers the phone. We loved Bill Head and now we are enjoying working with his children who work at Pemco. It is a nice family feeling to this company and we consider ourselves part of the Pemco family.
Gail Gese
19:01 01 Mar 18
I switched my auto and renters insurance from USAA and my bill was cut in half. USAA said they could even come close to the rate that I was quoted, the excellent customer service was just a bonus. It's nice to call and have real person answer immediately and not have to go through 10 minutes of automated menus.
Donald RIggs
19:25 30 Jan 18
Excellent service! I recently switched over to Head & Malesis after being with the same agent for 6+ years. Tara was able to provide a lower rate and was extremely knowledgeable. The staff is friendly and welcoming. They truly have your best interest in mind. I would highly recommend this agency!
Jessica Johnson
18:59 10 Jan 17
Tara was great to work with! She handled all my needs, replied to emails and phone calls efficiently and even took care of a few things I didn’t expect, like cancelling my previous renters policy with one company after starting a new policy for me with another. I couldn’t be any happier with the friendly and professional service I experienced.
19:12 27 Aug 19
Family owned always greeted by a happy positive attitude. I can't complain about anything and I believe I'm going on 10 years doing business here. I found them because my father was a customer .every time I call my name shows up on caller ID and im remembered that's unique in today's environment. Tell them I said hi when you switch
Free intertainment
18:00 21 Oct 19
Talked with Makayla. She shopped insurance companies recently with me and hopefully had a laugh or two when she got my response. I’m happy doing business with them! ?
Casey Acklin
23:28 20 Dec 19
Macayla Lowry is amazing! She helped me saved money and made it so easy. I didn't have to do much at all. Macayla saved me $90 a month!
Adelle Carter
00:11 05 Feb 20
Insurance shopping can be a headache but head and malesis makes it a breeze. I always feel so welcome when I stop in or have to call in. Always friendly and professional no matter who is helping. Tara specifically has always been a delight to deal with (seriously the sweetest and so knowledgeable) I honestly don’t think I could have found a better spot for insurance that makes me feel safe and secure. Thanks you guys!
jade conway
02:53 14 Feb 20
Impressive customer service, even though she could not offer me the commercial insurance I was looking for, she referred me to some other local places that could help. The extra effort was appreciated.
Don Pierce
21:44 22 Feb 20
Tara has been amazing! Saved me a lot of money when I switched over and always answered all my questions extremely quick. Thank you!
Dirk F
19:01 26 Feb 20
Every contact I have had with agents and staff over the past 15 years or so has been cheerfully taken care of in a professional manner and done correctly the first time.
Dave Stamper
22:09 21 Mar 20
It was quick and easy to insure my wife and I apartment, thanks so much...
Terry L. Shanklin
03:04 14 Apr 20
No matter the situation, Head & Malesis staff is always ready to take care of your insurance needs. I've stayed with them for years now because of the level of excellence you can count on and friendly, responsive nature of everyone that works there. Shout out to Macayla! She made my messed up day so much easier with all of her help.
Shannon Solosi
22:09 09 Jul 20
TARA was always so nice and professional on the phone! She answered my questions quickly and connected me with the insurance provider I was looking for. I highly recommend this agency.
Roger White
22:28 08 Aug 20
Very detailed but also patient with the Insurance options/questions that I had.
Greg Buccino
18:29 11 Aug 20
Thanks for your business !!!! Guys, you helped me a lot, and quickly made an insurance quote when I called you and found the best rate for me. Thanks for your work!
Pavel Garbuzov
19:39 26 Aug 20
Always have been super responsive, very helpful and quality service.
Bryan Strong
22:25 27 Aug 20
I have always received the best customer service possible from the entire team at Head and Malesis.
Robbie Bothwell
15:06 11 Sep 20
Head and Malesis Insurance has been serving our families Insurance needs for many years. Everyone at the office is helpful, professional and like family. They are always competitive and knowledgeable. We would highly recommended Ryan and his team for anything insurance related.
Monica Crimi
16:37 23 Oct 20
Kelsie was and is an amazing agent. She is not only knowledgeable, but also very pleasant to talk to her. She is attempt to listen and to provide with the needs of the customer. She also askedA lot of discovery questions to to fit the customer right. I’m happy to know Kelsie, and for to be my representative Ins. agent.
Jack Moran
19:25 11 Nov 20
Good company with good people. I don't normally review things but that's my experience in 5 words or less.
Steven Selix
19:32 17 Dec 20
kelsey is amazing, goes way above and beyond. sets the bar for us for customer service.
Julie Averill
07:13 26 Dec 20
Always excellent customer service and I have been a customer since 1996.
Brett Weiler
19:02 05 Feb 21
Tara is great and took care of us. Very responsive and helpful with any questions.
Joseph Otte
20:43 15 Feb 21
Been with them a long time. People have changed over the years but still friendly great service. Thank you for all you've done for me over the years.
Darren Houweling
04:31 16 Feb 21
Macayla is fantastic! Hands down the best customer service I have ever received.
Angela Bueneman
00:31 04 Mar 21
Kelsie Stroud and the team at Head & Malesis are top notch! I can’t say enough about the level of customer service they provide and the proactive approach they take ensuring you have the best coverage based on your individual needs. I recommend them to everyone for Home, Auto, Renters, and Boat insurance.
Aaron Siverts
18:03 25 Mar 21
Great company to work with. They responded quickly and helped me through the process from start to finish. I highly recommend reaching out to Head & Malesis with your insurance needs.
Kyel Russell
19:05 19 May 21
Macayla is just great. She takes really good care of you and is fffast at doing her job. It has always been a pleasure dealing with her. Warm and very friendly as well to boot.
Jonathan Co
03:45 27 May 21
Kelsie and the head and Malesis team is what you want in an insurance broker. The pristine personal customer service they provide is top notch, and hard to find these days.I had Kelsie review my personal auto insurance about 1.5 years ago. At that time she told me i had the best policy and to keep it. 6 months ago, my mom needed a review on her homeowners policy. Kelsie and her team at head and Malesis not only saved her $$$, but also got her better coverage!This year I decided to have my auto policy looked at. I ended up moving my renters insurance and bundling with my auto policy. Again I'm saving $400/year AND getting mooooore coverage!I referred Kelsie and the team at Head and Malesis quite often. They are so easy to work with, very responsive, and I appreciate their honesty.
Jen CHABAMassageTherapist Chan
18:35 08 Jun 21
Years of great service, cannot recommend them highly enough. Very responsive and I feel like they're always looking out for my best interest.
Adam Boynay
19:03 25 Jun 21
Kelsie was very professional and well organized in her work. She took the information I have given her and looked for the best options that will fit my family and I. I will be referring my family and friends to her. Excellent service!!
Mina Kaikala
20:21 19 Jul 21
I talked to Kelsie and she saved me over 500 dollars a year. On top of that she got me more coverage with better rates. I highly recommend talking to her if you need insurance.
Jonathan Schaefer
20:18 26 Jul 21
Tom had an easily approached character and spoke from the perspective of an insured and not just an agent. He was able to compare our previous policy(s) from another state and make coverage suggestions. Some to increase or add and others that were redundant or ‘filler’.Very happy to have someone like him in such an important role for my wife and I’s insurances!
Jim Brady (Roaster42)
18:48 23 Aug 21
Kelsie and all of the Team at Head and Malesis Insurance have been amazing for my wife Stacey and I. Their service is extremely personal and goes way over and Beyond what you would expect from an insurance company. I have had problems with other insurance companies not properly informing me of coverage or warning me about things coming down the line. That has never happened with this TEAM, they are friendly courteous unprofessional as well as extremely proactive about the names of their insureds. They have personally reached out to me over the years to make sure my coverage was where it needed to be, sometimes even being able to lower my cost based on the evaluation they make and changes they recommend. But more importantly they ask the questions that I didn't know to think of and provide solutions to make sure that myself and my family are covered for unexpected things that occur. I've had my insurance with this team for the last 11 years and I would and do recommend them to anyone looking for quality personal service and the best pricing available for their situation.
Rich Rye
18:46 08 Jun 21
Ryan was suggested to me by a friend for our insurance purposes while buying our new home. Ryan was both very informative and helpful in working with us. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for insurance options.
Phillip Sizemore
19:17 27 Sep 21
Would like to thank Ashlyn for all her help. She was very helpful and friendly and professional with answering all my questions and made the application process go very smoothly. She was very knowledgeable and prompt with answering my emails and phone calls. Definitely a pleasure to work with. Definitely a first class company. Will definitely be recommending to my friends and family. Thanks again Ashlyn…..Jim M.
J im
03:18 13 Oct 21